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Health Zeal - September 2009

Back Pain - Facts

September 23rd 2009 20:50
Bad posture is a primary reason for the back pain. If the natural curves of the spine are overly arched or flattened for a long time, the spine gets stiff and weak. Back pain is not usually due to a single cause, but the result of a built-up of factors accumulating over time. Spine is the central axis of the body and combines with joints and muscles to make a supportive frame for the trunk to maintain an upright posture. It is made up of 33 small bones called vertebrae with discs that act as shock absorbers. Wear and tear of the back’s supportive structures cause back pain, strain and injury.


• Back problems often result from an imbalance between tissues (muscles, ligaments and tendons) surrounding the spine, or incorrect spine alignment due to bad posture.
• Ideal posture is when the spinal column is in a neutral position, forming a gentle sloping S-shape


• Bad posture is a primary reason. If the natural curves of the spine are overly arched or flattened for long time, the spine gets stiff and weak
• Our lifestyle which results sitting long hours at the computer, long hours of commuting, sedentary living are all responsible

What to do:

• Maintain good posture. Keep the spine erect but relaxed
• Avoid sitting for long periods. Take frequent breaks
• Sit on a chair that supports your lower back. The height of the seat should allow your feet to rest flat on the floor
• Wear comfortable footwear with good arch supports
• Exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight

Valvular Heart Disease - Dental Care

September 17th 2009 05:54
Dental caries and periodontal infections due to bad oral hygiene are the main bacterial source of infective endocarditis of valvular disease. Maintenance of personal and good oral hygiene prevents proneness for bacterial and fungal infections which can predispose to bacterial infections of the valves in persons who are having diseased valves. Infective endocarditis is a bacterial or fungal illness of diseased valves and birth defects of heart. It is a serious illness associated with weight loss, fever with or without chills and rigors, worsening of cardiovascular symptoms and heart failure. These patients should be treated with IV antibiotic or fungal therapy for a period of six to eight weeks based upon culture and sensitivity reports.

Septal Ablation Procedure

September 11th 2009 03:56
Septal ablation is useful for patients with severe hypertrophic cardiomyopathy who will have markedly increased thickness of inter-ventricular septum, which can lead to obstruction to main systemic pumping chamber of heart (left ventricle). In septal ablation procedure, absolute alcohol is injected into main septal artery branch of left ventricular muscle, which lead to localized and controlled necrosis with decreased out-flow obstruction and improved filling of ventricles due to altered muscle thickness, stiffness and dimensions with improved survival and quality of life.

Coronary Doppler study

September 4th 2009 05:20
Coronary Doppler study is carried out by passing coronary Doppler wire into heart blood vessels through guide catheter inserted during coronary interventional procedures. By Doppler probe, the pressure across the area of obstruction in heart vessels before and after angioplasty can be assessed, mainly to know whether interventional procedure is needed or not. This is mainly useful in borderline cases and post stent examination studies in determining the need for procedure

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